José Montero Reguera

José Montero Reguera (Segovia, 1967) got his PhD in 1994 at the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid with a thesis on Don Quixote that earned the highest mark. Alonso Zamora Vicente chaired the dissertation. In October 1995 he joined the University of Vigo where he is a professor of Spanish literature since March 2010.

Fernández Abril’s award in 1995 (Royal Spanish Academy).

Vice (2004) and President (since 2004-2012) of the Association of Cervantistas. In June 2012 he was elected, by unanimous vote of the members, first President of Honor.

He is the author of two hundred publications on Cervantes and on other authors and works of Spanish literature with special attention to those belonging to the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Among his books include El Quijote y la crítica contemporánea (1997), El Quijote durante cuatro siglos (2005), Lecturas españolas del «Quijote», with a Francisco Rico’s prologue (2005), Materiales del «Quijote». La forja de un novelista (2006), Miguel de Cervantes. Una literatura para el entretenimiento (2007), and Cervantismos de ayer y de hoy. Capítulos de historia cultural hispánica (2011). He has also edited the Novelas ejemplares (2002) and (2015), El alcalde de Zalamea (1996), La verdad sospechosa (1999) and La Gitanilla (2013); in press, an edition of the poetry of Cervantes (Biblioteca Clásica of the Royal Spanish Academy). He is the coordinator of readings of Don Quixote, the section opens the complementary volume of Don Quixote Cervantes Institute (1998, 2004 and 2015).